Page 2 - Spiritual Salt (Doctor Sun Simiao) : Flip It & Read It
P. 2

Forbidden “Salt Pouch”

             Instantly Flicks Any Human

             Into Their Highest Functioning


                          What happens when you put the most powerful energy source in the world

                          near your beating heart?

                          You’re about to  nd out...

                          Did you know that many billionaires are walking around with a salt pouch

                          under their Versace shirts?

                          It’s true.

                          Why would they do this?

                          Did you know that many Buddhist gurus wear a salt pouch and they have

                          been doing it for thousands of years and not telling anyone about it?

                          It’s pretty interesting if you ask me...

                          because if there’s one thing we can say about this universe...

                          It’s that...

                          It’s salt.
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