Page 8 - Spiritual Salt (Doctor Sun Simiao) : Flip It & Read It
P. 8

Maybe it should be very important!

                          Did you ever really think about salt, in general?

                          How, unlike any other condiment, it works on pretty much anything.

                                   Psychiatric pain.                                         The pain of addiction.

                                   Psychological pain.                                       The pain of childhood trauma.

                                   Marital strife.                                           The pain of never having a
                                                                                             minute to yourself.

                                   The pain of debt.                                         The pain of looking in the
                                                                                             mirror and feeling like you got

                                   The pain of loss.                                         punched in the gut with a

                                   The pain of boredom.                                      bowling ball because of the
                                                                                             way your body looks.

                                   The pain of jealousy of celebrities and everyone in your social media
                                   feed who seems to be having a better life than you

                          And you know, deep down, there is something in this letter…

                                                      That can get you out

                                                                 of that pain…

                          And you’re right.

                          As sure as the seat you’re sitting on, the answer to the pain is right here…

                          Look no further.

                          Forget about binaural beats and horoscopes. They can’t save you.
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