Page 9 - Spiritual Salt (Doctor Sun Simiao) : Flip It & Read It
P. 9

The real reason you are here…is so you can learn the most powerful force in your

                          development as a human being.

                          To  nd the one thing separating you from a life of wishing you were

                          something you’re not…

                          To actually being something that you weren’t.

                                   Whether that’s wealthy.

                                   Whether that’s popular.

                                   Whether that’s happy.

                                   Whether that’s just having things go your way...

                          And it’s not the law of attraction.

                          There’s simply too much that can go wrong with the law of attraction.

                          Yes, it’s true, your thoughts control your destiny.

                          But think one wrong thought and everything you built mentally is down the


                                Who can possibly keep to a regimen like that?

                          For the law of attraction to actually work, you’d need the focus of a Zen

                          master who has been practicing his craft for decades.

                          For the rest of us, it’s just another dead end.

                          It’s just not practical…


                          At its core, it’s impossible to actually make it work.
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